Evening Dresses: Exciting New Arrivals

With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to buy yourself that gorgeous evening dress that you’ve always dreamed of – a dress that would not only look beautiful, but would also be affordable.

Sung Boutique is proud to present our new arrivals – evening dresses in a variety of rich, flattering shades and a choice of designs and silhouettes to flatter your own unique body shape.

This fall, we are completely in love with rich autumn colors such as deep red, vibrant purple, olive and burgundy. Of course, black dresses and metallic dresses are always a great choice and can be appropriate for many types of occasions.

If you anticipate being invited to formal events this holiday season, choose a stunning full-length evening gown such as our black one-shoulder evening dress or our very elegant gold halter evening gown.

If you anticipate informal events, a cocktail dress or a tea length dress would be best. Try our gorgeous tiered cocktail dress, offered in deep, rich shades of purple, burgundy and olive. Another great option is our chic silver cocktail dress, which features spaghetti straps, a simple neckline, and an off-center bow with a ruffled trim.

Priced between $96 and $169, these dresses are so affordable, you can easily purchase two or three dresses and make sure you have everything you need to look and feel beautiful this holiday season. Happy Holidays!