Bridesmaid Dresses Don’t Have To Be Ugly!

Sometimes it seems as if bridesmaid dresses just have to be ugly – like it’s part of an unwritten agreement between the bride and her bridesmaids, that says that bridesmaids must look ugly in order for the bride to really shine.

We happen to believe that this is not the case at all! A beautiful bridal party will only enhance the bride’s beauty and make her even more beautiful. There’s no reason to torture the bridesmaids with unflattering designs! Bridesmaids can and should feel good and look good on your wedding day. After all, they deserve it – they are the women closest to you.

We design our bridesmaids’ dresses to be affordable and pretty. Styles are universally flattering, so that regardless of a specific bridesmaid’s measurements, we know she is going to look good. We generally stay away from styles that are very clingy or from styles that are going to be unflattering for certain body types, and we also make it a point to use universally flattering colors in our bridesmaids dresses.

One of our favorite bridesmaid dresses is this Burgundy Evening Dress. The style is very forgiving. It draws the eyes to the wearer’s neck, shoulders and bust, and skims her thighs. The color is rich and will flatter almost any skin tone. It’s a truly classic choice and a wonderful way to make your bridesmaids happy!

If you prefer a shorter length for your bridesmaids dresses, this Fuchsia Cocktail Dress with Rhinestone Trim is fresh and pretty and the empire waist is very flattering.

As we said, bridesmaid dresses don’t have to be ugly!