Cocktail Dresses and Different Dress Codes

Cocktail dresses are extremely versatile. You can basically wear them anywhere. Of course, some of the events you’ll attend will require wearing a full-length evening dress. If the invitation specifies “formal” or “white tie,” you should get a full-length evening dress for that event.

But for almost any other dress code, a cocktail-length dress is fine and very appropriate. This includes “semi formal,” “business casual,” and even “casual” – for all of these, a cocktail dress is a fine choice. Even for a casual event, a simple cocktail dress would look great.

Remember to match your cocktail dress to the occasion. For a semi formal occasion, many women choose a full-length evening dress. If you’re going with a cocktail dress, make sure it is appropriate for the event. One of our top recommended cocktail dresses for semi formal events is this beautiful Silver Taffeta Cocktail Dress, featuring sparkling sequins and beads, a pleated bodice and a bustled skirt to finish the look.

Another favorite is the Red Cocktail Dress with Rhinestone Pin – this gorgeous dress makes a statement with its deep, bold color, with its body-conscious cut and with its beautiful, sparkling rhinestone pin.

Of course, for a semi-formal event you should add appropriate accessories, such as metallic strappy evening sandals and a matching evening bag. Keep your jewelry simple and elegant.

For a more casual event, stick with a simple cocktail dress such as this Turquoise Pleated Party Dress with Rhinestone Pin. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a simple yet elegant black cocktail dress such as our Black Chiffon Cocktail Dress – this dress will work beautifully for all occasions.

For casual events, keep your accessories simple and casual. Wear lower, chunkier heels and accessorize your dress with interesting costume jewelry.