Five Reasons to Love Little Black Dresses

How many little black dresses do you have in your closet? We’re guessing you own at least two! And how often do you wear them? Quite often, we hope, since a little black dress is almost always a “safe” choice, for almost any occasion.

Here are our top five reasons to love little black dresses:

1. Little black dresses are versatile. You can truly wear a little black dress anywhere, except for the most formal, white tie occasions where you would be expected to wear a full length dress.

2. Little black dresses are flattering. There’s something about black that makes all of us a little more confident. Black is slimming. It elongates our figure and smooths out curves. It’s truly a magical color.

3. They create a great canvas for accessories. When you wear a colorful dress, you are fairly limited when it comes to accessorizing. But a black cocktail dress is neutral, and so it allows you a lot of freedom when it comes to your choice of accessories.

4. They look great regardless of your age. With some cocktail dresses, you need to be careful if you’re older – not all designs and colors are age-appropriate. But black always looks appropriate. Just remember that if you’re over 40, it’s best to pick a design with an open neckline – black right next to your face could be aging.

5. There’s a huge variety and selection of little black dresses to choose from which is always fun! A few of our favorites are the glamorous Black Cocktail Dress with Rhinestone Pin, the sexy Black Beige Cocktail Dress, and the sweet Black Cocktail Dress.

Sexy or feminine, cute or romantic, your little black dress will be anything you want it to be. Whatever life throws your way – a blind date, a birthday party, a work event – your trusted little black dress will be there to help you through it!