Cocktail Dresses for Full Figures

We keep reading in the media that full figures are becoming more acceptable, with Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks and Kim Kardashian as amazing role models. But if you have a full figure, you are probably painfully aware of the fact that size zero is still the gold standard in the fashion industry, and that large thighs or a generous rear end make one’s life much more difficult, at least when it comes to finding great clothes.

Fully aware that our customers come in all shapes and sizes, and that all of you are beautiful! Just the way you are, we offer our dresses in a wide range of sizes, from XS to 3XL for some designs. We also offer many designs that are perfect for full figures, whether apple shaped, pear shaped or full all over. Here are our three top recommendations for cocktail dresses for full figured women:

1. Black Chiffon Cocktail Dress. This beautiful dress drapes around your figure in the most flattering way. It is ideal for any figure type, and the dark color is slimming too. If you have a large bust, you’ll appreciate the fact that this dress, while sleeveless, is not strapless. This enables you to wear a well fitting bra with straps for added support.

2. Red Charmeuse Cocktail Dress. The empire waist is perfect for apple shapes. It camouflages a full tummy, and draws the eyes towards your pretty bust and shoulders.

3. Silver Cocktail Dress. Feminine, pretty and extremely flattering, this dress beautifully drapes over full thighs and camouflages large tummies. And the color is just so very lovely!

The main thing to remember when shopping for a cocktail dress is that you probably want to avoid anything that is very fitted. However, some full-figured gals actually like to flaunt their beautiful curves. To that we say: Good! More power to you. We love your curves too.