Three Awesome Cocktail Dresses for Boyish Figures

Last week, we discussed the issues that full-figured women face when it comes to finding flattering clothes. But if you have a boyish figure, you often have trouble finding flattering cocktail dresses too! A boyish, or a straight figure, means that you are the opposite of an hourglass figure. You have small breasts and narrow hips, and your waist is almost as wide as your hips.

A boyish figure can be cute and young-looking, but if you would like to look a bit more feminine, you should choose your dress carefully. Here are our top three picks for cocktail dresses that would make a boyish figure look more curvy:

1. Purple Hot Pink Homecoming Dress. The combination of the sweetheart neckline, the cinched waist and the flared skirt creates an hourglass figure whether you have one or not! We love the color too, it’s so fresh and young.

2. Red Taffeta Cocktail Dress. In this dress, the pleated bodice and the bustled skirt create a very feminine silhouette. The deep red shade adds to the feminine allure of this pretty dress.

3. Silver 2-tone Pleated Cocktail Dress. This gorgeous cocktail dress creates an effortless hourglass look with its halter neckline, the lighter-shade buckle and the full, fluid pleated skirt.

If you have a boyish figure and would like to create the illusion of an hourglass figure, your best option is a dress with a cinched waist, a full skirt, and a fitted, ruched bodice. Wear a lightly padded bra to enhance the look. Of course, if you like your petite measurements, feel free to wear body-conscious deigns such as this gorgeous Purple Stretch Taffeta Pleated Cocktail Dress. Full skirts are NOT your only option, and a slender, boyish figure is very, very cute. Just make sure you wear the correct size – don’t get lost in a sea of fabric.