Happy New Year & Change Is Good

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone have had a very enjoyable holiday. To kick-off the New Year, we have made some notable changes to our online store, and here is a brief overview of the changes:-

  1. Restock fee is waived if a customer opts for store credit rather than refund on a return or an exchange. Our store credit is available to see when you login to your account, and it is very easy to use during checkout.
  2. We are now offering will call for customers who wish to pick up their orders; however, we do ask our customers to observe our policy that will call is for picking up only, and we are not offering retails walk-ins–try on and fitting room are unavailable.
  3. The times required to carryout the inspection and refund for returns and exchange have been reduced to 7 days.
  4. As required by law, we now show the CA sales tax on shipping; however, please rest assures that the overall shipping rate remains the same as we had just merely broken out the once inclusive shipping tax to the sales tax column.

We hope that we can agree on change is good, and the details of our new store policy are available in the customer service page. Happy shopping and best wishes in 2011!