Evening Dresses Featuring Beautiful Patterns

A printed evening dress can look amazing. Of course, it needs to be the right print – a print that makes a statement without overpowering the cut or color of the dress. You don’t want something too loud – you want subtle, beautiful, and flattering.

If you’re wearing a printed evening dress, remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple. Your shawl, shoes and clutch should be solid, and you should wear jewelry sparingly.

Here are our top picks for printed evening dresses:

Print One Shoulder Evening Dress

This is our top choice this year. The print is just so fabulous, you need very little else to make a spectacular entrance.

Blue Halter Printed Evening Dress

We like that the print here is on the bottom and the bodice is solid. Keep your jewelry and other accessories to a minimum! This dress makes a powerful statement.

Black and White Printed One Shoulder Evening Dress

If you still need convincing that a print can be classic and elegant, you are probably fully convinced now. The epitome of understated elegance, this dress will look amazing paired with black accessories.

Green Beaded Print Evening Gown

Perfect for golden skin tones, this dazzling evening gown will look fabulous paired with gold accessories. The cut is extremely flattering, form fitting at the top, flowing and forgiving on the bottom. Gorgeous!

Purple Pleated Prom Evening Dress

We love everything about this dress. The color, the glamor, the way it flatters your upper body and flows over your bottom half. And of course, the two-tone pattern adds to the elegance and makes this dress even more special.

White/Fuchsia Bead Silk Gown

This dazzling floor-length silk gown features deep V-neckline with fuchsia color at the hem. Brilliant color beads adorn the front, the back and falling to a full ball skirt. This dress is the perfect choice for a very special event. It will look great paired with white accessories.