The True Spirit of Prom


A week before Easter, Alexandria Salazar shared on a Facebook page called “Stop Discrimination Against Special Needs” her prom experience with her date James. James, a friend of Alexandria’s since she was in kindergarten, has Down Syndrome. Little did she know within a few days her story would go viral and receive a staggering 1.6 million likes and 88,000 shares.

At Sung Boutique LA, we were so touched and impressed by her story we invited the inspirational young woman to come by last week to meet with her and have a photo shoot in our studio.


Read Alexandria's Post on Facebook

Read Alexandria's Post on Facebook

Alexandria speaking with us in our studio on her prom experience with James

Alexandria speaking with us in our studio on her prom experience with James

Alexandria shared with us that he asked her to prom by slipping her a piece of paper. Instantaneously, she decided to go with him because she knew he also deserved the best prom experience. She described James as “outgoing and sweet. He’s a fun person and it’s great to hang out with him.” When we asked about people’s reactions to the pair she explained that her close friends were very supportive.

Alexandria told us they had the traditional pre-prom experience. They took pictures, exchanged boutonnieres and corsages, and rode with a group of friends in a limo to the prom. They had, as she puts it, “a pure and wholesome fun” night. She mentioned that her prom experience with James was actually the best out of all the proms she had attended. She expressed that she knew this prom date would probably not be typical but the night turned out to be lots of fun and was very memorable because she understood it was all about James, the graduating senior and no one else.

Alexandria felt the best reward of her entire experience however was having many special needs parents reach out to her via Facebook and thank her for her acceptance of James.

We also inquired about the main reason she decided to post her story on Facebook. She genuinely replied “I just wanted to inspire!” We thank you, Alexandria, for sharing your story with us. We are positive that your “wanting to inspire” was a mission accomplished!



Alexandria, you are beautiful!



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  1. Mckenzie

    She’s so Inspirational!!
    She looks gorgeous and reminds me that not everybody that’s a size 2 gets noticed and looks beautiful in prom dresses.
    I hope she models more dresses!

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