So Long, Landlines!

In 2005, when we started our business, phone, fax, 800 number, and email were the must have for online customer care. However, the same can’t be said for today as we now have smart phones, text messaging, and social zombies!

Well,  we say the above picture pretty much sums up how everyone mozy around here in the office.

The point we would like to make is that we have discontinued offering direct phone support, as we have found it to be the old news and have decided that we are a lot more effective in offering customer care using emails, text messaging, or call backs. Furthermore, it was our consensus that it would allow us to help more customers and be able to say: “goodbye!” to answering the many daily unsolicited marketing calls from “on behalf of” AT&T or Google.

In summary, we will continue to provide excellence customer care to the best of our abilities and we ask our customers to please use our online contact us from to send us a message. You message will be delivered to our customer care team’s smart phone as fast as radio wave travels. Also, in your message please feel free to leave us a call back number or a number for which you would like to receive text messages. We know this should be nothing new to some of our customers already as we have been utilizing this simple method of communications with them since the beginning of the year.

Hey, everyone, you think we should take down our online fax order form? LOL…

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