How do I change my account information?

Just login, go to account and manage your account information there.

How do I change my account password?

Please log in and go to “Account -> Change my account password” and follow its instructions.

I have just sign up for an account but how come I cannot log in?

Our password is case sensitive, and if you have a real hard time logging back in please use the password forgotten feature to email yourself a new password. You can also email us for help and we can reset it for you.


Can I come by your store to shop?

We apologize that we are an online store only.

If I order today how soon can you ship my items?

Standard processing time is 2 business days plus transit time. However, we always try our best to ship out express orders in 1 business day, and that is if the item is at our location. Please email us to confirm availability if you need the item the next day.

Can I place an order over the phone?

We are so sorry that we no longer offer order by phone. If security is your concern please know that our online store is secured, and it actually has a lower risk in incorrect address information due to a bad phone connection.

How can I retrieve my order status?

You can login to your account and then go to “Account -> My Order Overview” to check your order status.

Where is my order confirmation email?

Check your SPAM folder, or just go to your account’s order history to verify the order status.

I have had several “Transaction Declined” and now I have found out from my bank that you had charged my credit card several times? Can I please have my money back?

Well, what you seeing in your bank account are pending transactions that had failed, and they will disappear from your final statement. Our bank disallow us to tinker with failed transactions, and please know that payment isn’t finalized until your order has been shipped.

Why do I kept getting “Transaction Declined” during checkout?

Please check that your billing address matches your bank’s, and that you had entered your credit card information correctly.

Return & Exchange

I need an RMA for return/exchange?

Request for an RMA is only couple clicks or taps away. Ok, find the order and and click view to see its details. Check the item that you wish to return/exchange, then submit the RMA Request form. That’s it, and your RMA will be ready within 1 business day.

RMA Request Howto

I requested an RMA for an exchange and received it. But I am confused on what to do with the RMA label. Will I be paying for the shipping fee/ postage to ship it back to you guys?

Yes, customers are responsible for the return shipping cost. Please see our returns policy here.

Can you please provide the status of my shipment?

Yes, please go to your account’s order history and in the order status there is a tracking link.

Do you ship to United Kingdom (or overseas)?

Yes, we ship to U.K. as well as overseas countries.

What is the cost and transit time for overseas shipping?

Our prefer overseas shipping method is USPS Priority International and the cost is roughly about $35USD.

Store Credit

How can I find the details of my store credit?

No problem. Just go to you account and find the order, click view to see its details. Look at the below screen shot, you see the PDF files under payment method? These are your downloadable original sales and credit receipts. See, it’s real easy.

Store Credit Details

How do I use my store credit?

Well, that’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. You just need to apply it under Promo Code & Credit at checkout. That’s all. See that checkbox and apply button underneath? Yep, that’s it.

Using Your Store Credit

Where is my store credit?

To see your store credit, you need to log in and click on the account icon . Your available store credit is highlighted in green in the screen shot below.

See Your Available Store Credit

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    I requested an RMA for an exchange and received it. But I am confused on what to do with the RMA label. Will I be paying for the shipping fee/ postage to ship it back to you guys?

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