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Would You Take My Measurements For $25???

Know Your Measurements Before Buying A Dress Online

Know Your Measurements Before Shopping For Dresses Online

Internet is a great place for bargain shopping, and this is of course when  it is done right. Back in August 1st, we did an update to our return and exchange policy, and we received some concerns regarding the new 5% exchange fee. The good news was we heard you and it was reverted. But did you know that 5% of an $100 order, is only a fifth of the cost of carrying out a size exchange? Continue reading

So Long, Landlines!

In 2005, when we started our business, phone, fax, 800 number, and email were the must have for online customer care. However, the same can’t be said for today as we now have smart phones, text messaging, and social zombies!

Well,  we say the above picture pretty much sums up how everyone mozy around here in the office. Continue reading